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Post by Spineless-mush » Tue Aug 31, 2004 21:11

Alright, I'm tired of reading all these "I'm getting only 5 FPS" posts.

I had this same problem. I called up Activision and they helped me run the game at over twice the FPS I was getting before. Here's a solution:

My computer's specs are as follows: 2.40 GHz CPU 512 MB RAM 64 MB Nvidia GeFo...

Discussion Thread
Response (Kirk McNesby) 08/20/2004 09:44 AM

Your page file is well beyond what we recommend for gaming. You are currently using about 200MB we recommend a page file used of 100MB at max. You need to make sure you shutdown all background applications.
1) Go to start -> run
2) Type msconfig, hit ok
3) Go to the startup tab
4) Everything checked in here is a program that starts when windows does. None of these should be necessary for Windows to operate. Please take note which ones are checked (for your records later).
5) Uncheck everything
6) Hit ok, reboot as prompted (if you get an error message about starting in diagnostic mode, just click on the checkbox to not show this again)

Turn the sound acceleration for your card down to basic.
1) Go to start -> run
2) Type dxdiag, hit ok
3) Go to the sound tab
4) Locate the hardware sound acceleration slider
5) Move this slider to the second notch from the left (it should say basic)
6) Hit exit

Download and install the latest chipset update for your motherboard.
http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts ... ductID=816

If you continue to have problems, please generate and submit another directx diagnostic file with your next response.

Also have you tried turning off any of the advanced graphical options for the game? When you go into the options menu there is an advanced settings button that can be clicked on that brings up a number of other options. Some of these may need to be disabled for the game to work smoothly.

Customer 08/19/2004 05:31 PM
I just put up an FPS counter to see the exact framerates I was getting. They are around 5 FPS with an occasional drop to 3 (especially during cutscenes), although they occasionally (rarely) spike up to 10-15 in smaller, empty areas.

Customer 08/17/2004 02:37 PM
The DirectX diagnostic file is attached.

Response (Dov Carson) 08/17/2004 01:49 PM
Hello, thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. It is extremely important to have the most recent drivers installed before running Doom 3. Both ATI and nVidia released updated drivers shortly before the release of Doom 3 that significantly help performance and compatibility. It is also extremely important to ensure you have the latest drivers and firmware for your motherboard components as well. Please contact your hardware manufacturer for instructions on how to acquire and apply the latest updates.
All background applications must be shutdown prior to running the game.

In addition to the above, do not select a video quality higher than the game auto-detects your system to be able to run, otherwise performance will suffer. Doom 3 will automatically configure itself to run at a setting optimal for your system. Furthermore, the following options can be disabled from the Advanced Options:

1.High Quality Special Effects
2.Bump Mapping
3.Specular Lighting

While the game is designed to have these options enabled by default, they can be disabled to help increase performance.

I would like you to generate and send to us a directx diagnostic file. This will greatly aid us in troubleshooting your system. To do this we ask that you do the following.
1) Click on the Start button > Run.
2) In the box type: dxdiag
3) Click the OK button.
4) DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open, click the Save All Information button at the bottom.
5) Save the dxdiag.txt file to your desktop.
6) Login to your account at http://activision.custhelp.com.
7) Click My Stuff and then click Questions.
8) Find your current incident and click on it under the Subject column.
9) Click Update Incident.
10) Under "Attach Additional Documents to Question" you will see a Browse button. Click that and browse your computer for the Dxdiag on your desktop. When you locate the file, double click on it.
11) Once the file appears as attached, you can now enter any additional information about your Incident in the "Results and/or Additional Information" field.
12) Click "Submit Update to Question" to send the Dxdiag

In the meantime, check sites like the following for answers to boosting overall performance;


Auto-Response 08/16/2004 01:16 PM
Title: Minimum system requirements
Link: http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1090879771

Title: Manual Install
Link: http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1091054131

Title: How come my state of the art computer won’t detect as Ultra quality?
Link: http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1090881077

Title: When auto-detecting my system settings, Doom 3 sets my system lower than I think
Link: http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1090880846

Title: Surround Sound Issues
Link: http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1091552266

Customer 08/16/2004 01:16 PM
My computer's specs are as follows:

2.40 GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
64 MB Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 420 videocard

From what I understand, the low-quality setting is specifically designed for 64 MB cards. Apart from my videocard (which is listed as 'supported' on the Doom 3 box), my computer is above the minimum requirements. And still, I get really bad framerates to the point that I can't play the game.

The game sets itself with everything on lowest, but if I bump everything up to a higher resolution and higher detail level, I only get a small framerate drop. So, if I can run the game at such a resolution with such a small framerate drop, I figure I should be able to run the game at a lower resolution and detail level at a smooth framerate. How can I fix this?
The link is here:

https://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin ... _row_cnt=1

I hope this helps people.
--Mush 8)
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Post by AutoPilot2 » Mon Sep 27, 2004 04:57

Here are the answers to everything:



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Post by Spineless-mush » Mon Sep 27, 2004 22:22

Those tweaks didn't do crap for me.

But don't listen to me: we all have different computers.
--Mush 8)
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