Crash on nvidia 8600m - Help?

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Crash on nvidia 8600m - Help?

Post by boriyako » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:06

Hi folks

I am an old id fan starting with the dos based original wolfenstein, through all the dooms and quakes. All single player. I never got to play Doom 3 and got hold of a copy a few months ago. I have recently bought a new Dell Vostro laptop. Specs are:
Intel core2 duo T7250 - 2 Ghz
2 Gb RAM
Nvidia 8600M GT (256Mb)
Windows XP Prof

I get to alpha labs4 and it freezes every time as I get just near the end when you cross the long bridge prior to meeting the Boss lady.

I have deleted and reloaded
I have bought a second copy, deleted original, loaded new copy (ineteresting that even after i removed original copy using control panel add/remove function, my original control settings were applied ?!!)
Tried resetting screen res to 800x600

No joy!

Not sure that downloading any drivers from Nvidia will sort this out. Nervous about that anyway as the Nvidia site states that downloading drivers will render my Dell warranty invalid.

My neighbour has a dell inspiron laptop with AMD x2 Athlon 2Ghz, 1Gb RAM, XP home and an ATI Radeon x1150 (as far as I can make out this does not even have dedicated memory so is lower spec than my Nvidia) Screen res is a bit "choppy" but I can get past the stage where my laptop freezes.

Any suggestions??

Thank you in anticipation

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