I Can't Load Mods Again

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Mr. Smith

I Can't Load Mods Again

Post by Mr. Smith » Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:21

Ok I am very dumb. I need everything spelled out for me.

1. How do I download mods?
2. How do I put mods in my file?
3. How do I get the mods to work?
4. How do I upload the mods into Doom 3?
5. How do I use the mods?
6, How do I stop using mods?

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Re: I Can't Load Mods Again

Post by Wester547 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 16:12

1. Self explanatory.
2. Put the .pk3 file that comes with the mod once you unzip it in your /base/ directory folder, or follow the instructions in the readme, or create in your /Doom3/ directory folder a folder with the name of the mod and copy and paste all the unzipped contents into it.
4. Then load the mod from the mod menu once you boot DOOM3, or edit the command line and add after the quotes: "+seta fsgame "mod name here" (without the quotes). The program that unzips it is WinZip http://www.winzip.com
5. 4 explains.
6. Just remove all +seta fsgame cvars from the command line or just restart DOOM3.

Mr. Smith

Post by Mr. Smith » Mon Jan 31, 2005 22:51

how do I do 2?

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Post by BraveHart » Tue Jul 12, 2005 03:20

Ok. If your still having trouble after you have read through the instructions this is the easiest way in which I install and use most of my mods.

1. Find your desired mod, obviously; go to various sites or just search them at Google.

2. Go to your My Computer/C:/Program Files/Doom3/ folder and make a new folder called "Mods". This is where you will keep your mods ( the zip folders ) once you have downloaded them to keep them under control and not all over the place. PS. Make sure to make this in the
My Computer/C:/ Doom3/ folder and not in the
My Computer/C:/ Doom3/Base/ folder.

3. Usually with most mods it's just a matter of replacing a ".pk" file in the original Doom folder when you install the game. (It's a good idea to just copy and then paste the files you are replacing and put them somewhere safe like the Program Files/Doom3/ folder so if you screw something up you can just replace the modded .pk file with a copy of the original to make things how they were originally on the install). So what you would do is, extract the mod folder into your My Computer/C:/Program Files/Doom3/Mods folder (and make another folder inside the Mods folder for just that mod where you can keep all the extracted files and the original zip folder that you download so things aren't a mess).

4. Next go into the folder where you extracted your mod and find the .pk file.

5. Next, you have to get this file into the My Computer/C:/Program Files/Doom3/Base folder where the original .pk files are kept. Next copy the mod file and then go to
My Computer/C:/Program Files/Doom3/Base and just paste it there (when it asks you if you want to replace the original .pk file with the new one, say yes).

6. Load Doom 3 as you normally would and what should happen is this: There should be a new menu on the Main Menu of the Doom 3 screen (the screen with new game load game multiplayer etc etc on there) There should be a new menu called mods. When you click this menu the name of the mods which you have installed should be there. ( PS, The mods will not load automatically in Doom 3, you have to select them from this menu). When you decide on which mod you want to load or play Doom with, you just click it and the game should close, then reload itself automatically. This will take you back as if you were just going to play the game, except now, the mod will work.

If you have any other questions just ask, and I'll try to find an answer.

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