Mouse Prob. W/ Doom 3 in Vista

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Mouse Prob. W/ Doom 3 in Vista

Post by echo27 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 00:19

I recently bought Doom 3 and the expansion through steam. Once I got everything downloaded and installed the game booted right up and then I noticed it. My mouse is acting very strange (and only does it in this game), it's snapping almost like it's on a grid plus the sensitivity is all messed up. It will move regular speed for a second or two and when I stop moving it, it will start to go at a crawling pace. Any help would be great appreciated, I'm using Vista Ultimate 32bit, and a Logitech G9 mouse. And yes I have updated Vista and my Logitech drivers.

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Re: Mouse Prob. W/ Doom 3 in Vista

Post by Lord Rameon » Thu Sep 25, 2008 14:43

Mouse pad.

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