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You Review Doom 3

Post by Spineless-mush » Tue Aug 03, 2004 22:28

Alright guys, listen up. I've discussed this with Paul (and if he feels I'm not doing this the right way, he is free to change/delete this post) and we've decided we'd like to have forum regulars give a short review of Doom 3 that we'd tack on to the end of the site's big Doom 3 review as a part called "Second opinions."

That, and this is a good way to keep all Doom 3 reviews in one thread rather than having loads of them spamming up the forums.

Now, there's lots of criteria, so sit tight and don't get carried away. Oh, and I don't want any crap in this thread because it'll be deleted. Anyway, you must've beat the game before you can post here ;) But here's the criteria once you do:

PROOFREAD-Remember, this is going to go with the site's review of the game, so no spelling errors/grammar errors, etc. If you post a review with errors, we have the right to correct it without your consent.

BE CONSTRUCTIVE-Back all your opinions with reasons, be specific, etc. Reviews without substance will not be used.

REFRAIN FROM USING SPOILERS-Assume the reader hasn't played the game yet, so don't spoil everything for him/her.

NO OBSCENITIES-That one speaks for itself.

DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY-We want to give many people the opportunity to give their opinions, so 2/3 paragraphs at most should be enough. From the few (unconstructive) reviews I've read on the forums thus far, they seem to be the right length (though they don't fit any other criteria).
So there you go. I'm hoping that when I get back, there'll be some nice reviews posted here that I'll tag on to our D3P review of the game.

Anyway, remember, no crap will be tolerated here.

Talk to you people later.
--Mush 8)
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Post by Saladin » Wed Aug 04, 2004 08:14

Well I haven't yet finished the game, but I am liking it. It has its problems but I'll discuss that later. This will be lengthy as I am highly critcial(As you all know.) Sorry about breaking the rules. Take some time to read this if you're considering buying this. First off the most important thing in a game.

Game play is quite fun, only if however you like orginal FPS titles. Trust me, hardly anything original about it. Why then is Doom 3 so superior? Why all the hype? Because this game _perfects_ it. Absolutely amazing programming allows for smooth firefights and epic boss battles. All weapons are pretty well balanced (The shotgun, however is too strong do to Doom 3's close quarter battles. At some point all player's will think "Is this it? This is falling kind of flat." And at times it does. But your interest will come back and you will enjoy it.

This game isn't too rough. So unheard of in an FPS you won't be dying often. If you do it will be more accident and curiosity as opposed to monster slaying you. So it's not like Far Cry(Headshots are like footshots), it's only moderately difficult. Pretty well balanced a little bit on the easy side.

This is obviously where people expected this game to shine and I'd say it does a great job. Great interfaces and excellent textures and models make this game gorgeous to watch and there os eye candy galore. Despite the fact that your enemies burst into flames(Like something out of blade 2) instead of a bullet ridden corpse on the floor(Besides zombies sometimes) I'd say there isn't much to complain about in this department. Doom 3 looks better than its screenshots and movies for some reason. Future games look to have better graphics in my opinion(such as HL2, if it's ever released :? )

I'm running this game with 512mbs of ram and a 256 ATI Radeon 9600 video card. I can have graphics at almost full level (High instead of ultra) at 800x600 and keep almost a constnt 25-40 fps in rooms with 10 enemies or more while moving firing and dynamic shadows galore. 60 at all other times. That is simply incredible programming. There are pauses occasionly and when you start a level for about 5 seconds fps is at 3 but then instantly pops back up to 60. Dunno why. I've also had 0 crashes and almost no technological or physics errors. That is phenomenal in my opinion.
Rating 9.0

It's here! It's Fear! Get used to it!...
Fear in this game is a bit strange. When you first start out, I was completely and utterly terrified. I almost didn't want to move. But it isn't like some Horror games where the fear is so intense that you're too afraid to play. As you progress however you become less and less afraid until it completely diminshes. Fear turns into caution. When things pop out you are frightened for a moment and may be suprised and may jump, but you instantly snap back to reality and blow its face open. So that's that. I must say that it did this quite well compared to most horror games, I do not know why I stopped getting scared though.

Sounds, Gore, and Level Design(Atmosphere)
A lot to fit into one package but this is way too long. The sounds are great. The game lacks music, but all the machine humming and chanting and screams and whispers and such almost _act_ like music. Sound is what really makes this game scary. Every enemy sounds quite scary (Except for Zombies, ResEvil for Gamecube had that one best.) Anywqay on to gore. This really pushes the limits of an M game IMO. There is a lot of gore and viloence and it is quite creepy. But you're never so grossed out to the point where you feel sick to your stomach. It does, however, come awful close :? . Level design is bar none, well scripted, spawning enemies aren't stupid like most games and utterly beautiful geomerty. But very repetitive.
9.5, 9.0, 8.7

Have not yet finished the game but from what I can tell so far it isn't enormously developed. But the way you found out how it happens through all the little PDA sub-plots is fascinating. Don't, however, expect a strongpoint here.

Mulit-Player I cannot really discuss as I have not played it. But it appears to be good old DM. Which id is famous for.

Well if you like the originals then you're in for a treat. This is basically what Doom should have been. It's a horror game with Doom style gameplay. But if you don't like either of those genres then you probably won't be interested. To someone who is bored by simple FPS's this won't be any different besides the graphics. If your friend bought it try it out at his house or wait for a demo if you're iffy about FPS's. If you're a doomer or a half-lifer (Like me) I'd highly reccommend picking this one up. If not, try before you buy(and I don't mean the alpha. Shame on you who still have it)
Final Rating 9.1 (Good Game, some slight faults, but try before you buy to see if you like it.)
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Post by DooM_Maniac » Wed Aug 04, 2004 08:36


Near Non-existant.


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Post by mhz » Wed Aug 04, 2004 10:24


Graphics with Dx9 uses everything looks beautiful if you have a ATI card, uses smartshader which looks awesome.

Although the downfall is that it doesn't run on most peoples cards, although for me having 1gigs of ram I can barely run it in Ultra mode at 1024x768, however if I set AA any higher or AF over 8x I would struggle to move in the game.


The gameplay is realistic at times, like when you get hit by the "monsters" it takes time to recover and you cant immediately shoot them.
Although a few things I do find funny is if you shoot your fellow "marines" in the foot they seem to die, so I really dont know what the value of a headshot is anymore playing this game after being such a big fan of counterstrike. Another thing is if you jump off a small ledge to get away from the "monsters" they dont follow you, but go around the correct pathway until they get to you, its kinda robotic and lacks AI that your enemies have. I am a big fan of Hitman 3 and the AI in that game is pretty good when it comes to enemies, makes you think alot and that makes it fun. This is just shoot.

Overall though its pretty scary if you boost your sorround sound system up and is a great game. I dont have any regrets paying $100 NZ for this game, it lives out the doom legacy of being one of the scariest games going around. "The Suffering" probably matches DoomIII in scariness but DoomIII's graphics is something to love.


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Post by Paul » Wed Aug 04, 2004 11:43

mhz wrote:Although the downfall is that it doesn't run on most peoples cards, although for me having 1gigs of ram I can barely run it in Ultra mode at 1024x768
Ultra mode won't perform well until we have 512MB graphics cards :wink:

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Post by BroknSpyrl » Wed Aug 04, 2004 14:41

The game is as good as I expected. My system however is not playing that game as well as I had expected.

Graphics: Considering the lower resolution I am playing at, and the medium detail, I give the graphics a 9/10. That is considering those two things. Compared to other games at comparable settings, this game kicks their asses.

Sound: The sound is great. Although, it would be nice if I could turn off the radio chatter. I mean, who the hell keeps their walkie talkie on while they are being mutilated? Sound 7/10.

Gameplay: It may be the speed of my pc, it may be the game itself. It just seems like switching weapons takes too long. Could be me though.
Also, the flashlight. I don't mind having to switch between the flashlight and weapons. My question is, since when does a flashlights light go 9 feet and then just stop. That's a bit irritating. And damn are those armed zombies some crack shots. I find taking imps out to be easier than taking them out sometimes. But, again, I think I'm just pissed at my computer. Gameplay 8/10

Fear Factor: Alright, I am the kind of player who likes to keeps his health and armor up at 100. This forces me to walk very slowly, and inspect every inch of the place(and I've found many hidden things this way as well,) I must say, it can be scary as hell when you are turned around looking in a corner when all the other lights go out, and you hear a door open at the other end of the room. Damn short range flashlight. So, I've jumped 5-6 times during gameplay, and one time while I was leaving my office after playing the game. My damned bathrobe scared the hell out of me for about half a second. 9/10 for Fear.

Overal score 8/10
I love the game, and if it weren't for my 8 month old piece of shit video card, I may have scored this game higher. I think I'll be buying a new Card soon. I'll need it for Doom3 and HalfLife2 anyway.

I tweaked Doom3 enough to up my settings to High Quality and 1024x 768 with really decent FPS(30 Avg.) I started over from the beginning with these new settings, and played through to the end. I change all of my scores to 10/10, except for sound which in some places was VERY cheesy. (Namely, Betrugers laughing.)
so, 9.75/10 is my new score.
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Post by Wester547 » Wed Aug 04, 2004 15:14

Well I haven't gotten very far in the game, but I'd like to review rating it anyway. ;)

I'm not giving it a full review until I beat it.

Story rating: 5.0

Game-Play rating: 9.0

Level Design rating: 8.8

Graphics rating: 9.7

Sound rating: 8.9

A.I rating: 8.1

Physics rating: 10.0

Multiplayer rating: 7.4

Fear Factor rating: 9.5

Fun Factor rating: 9.0

Overall rating: 9.0


Post by Thiefkiller » Thu Aug 05, 2004 06:16

Doom 3 is everything I thought it would be. It's limitations are few, and mostly have to do with my system not being able to handle high-graphic
settings without A LOT of choppiness. Game play is a bit repetitive, but still a big step up from the run and shoot of other first-person shooters. The PDA is an interesting addition to the game which gives a certain depth to the characters and story-line. Id scripted the storyline very well and introduced new monsters at the right times to keep you from getting bored. And there are still the massive onslaughts reminiscent of the original doom when monsters, literally, were coming at you from all directions. This time, however, it's shotgun toting zombies, fireball-throwing demons which crawl along the ceilings and walls and a dozen spiders coming at you from every direction, all at once

The multi-player aspect of the game has gone downhill from Q3A, in my opinion. It is frustratingly difficult to locate a server which is not immediately full before you connect or else requires a password. I don't know why id did away with the 'sort by' function of Q3A. It makes finding a low-ping server all the more difficult. The "filter" sometimes does not work. For example, the 'no password' filter seems to produce servers which still require a password. Also, what happened to 'favorites'? Certainly, Doom 3 excels at the single player aspect of the game, but why did id change a good thing and alter the multi-player aspect so much?



Post by BahamutZero » Thu Aug 05, 2004 18:39

Graphics - 10/10 - Flawless. I've played games since i was 2 1/2 and Iv'e seen the works but man, this takes the cake let me tell you now...
There are places in this game that will instantly make you stop running, and just STARE. You will STARE at things in awe, no joke.

Gameplay - 9/10 - A wonderful, typical FPS, BUT, there is just something new and different about Doom 3 that will keep you entertained at all times, not just some BORING FPS. Doom 3 goes a little more into depth than a FPS normally does (The PDA's, Story, etc) and I believe thats what gives it it's unique Gameplay.

Sound - 9/10 - Incredible sound, especially with headphones or a 5.1 Surround Sound System. Better than any other game Iv'e played in a long while. Although, I'm not THAT crazy about the sound. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but it's not something I remembered and thought about after I beat the game. It didn't "Stick Out".

Fear Factor - 10/10 - 'Nuff Said.

Multiplayer - 8/10 - Nothing New, ID's specialty, of course, is Deathmatch. All they did was -PERFECT- it, in this game.

Overall Score - 9.5/10 - You might think I'm being a bit too lenient with these scores but you just have to see for yourself. Doom 3 is an EXCELLENT GAME, and even though it might not have the greatest, most different multiplayer there is, it's fun just to get into what everyone else is talking about and be a part of it, a part of doom 3.


Post by SparnY » Fri Aug 06, 2004 00:54

Hiya i dont really beleive in rating games as there is nothing to rate them against apart from previous games, so unless the company is really 'crud' the game should really be better than previous ones.
Very good game.

Im on hard, and ive got to the delta labs somthing like section 2b which is about 17 levels into the game.
Got the BFG and chainsaw :D

shame its not out in england yet, i shall buy it when it is. (No point in waiting several months for england to get it, torrented)

p.s. been looking at the walkthrough, please dont tell me youve only goto the 3rd lvl :D

one last thing little tip to ge tthe BFG - lock number - Audio file - n Txt File - Read the name on the door!

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Post by DooM_Maniac » Fri Aug 06, 2004 00:58

My walkthrough? I've already finished the game that's why I'm writing the walkthrough. And writing walkthroughs takes friggin' ages...
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Post by Spineless-mush » Fri Aug 13, 2004 21:59

As it's looking right now, the Doom 3 Portal review will be going up this weekend, so if anyone else wants to submit their opinions on this game, you better hurry. Try to get it in Saturday at the latest.

This is the last call.
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Post by SparnY » Fri Aug 13, 2004 22:42

Right then. My review is as follows, its harsh but to the point!
Not out of 10 because nothing to rate it against :shock:

Graphics - high
Review - first off you cant get much better graphics right now the lighting and shadows etc are amazing, but I can certainly get a better graphic based game for my system, don’t get me wrong my pc isn’t great but then again we don’t all have gr8 pc's I can get much better games such as star wars galaxies only good if you have an amazing top of the range pc.

Game play - medium
Review - not that great, I can think of many games with a better story line and its not scary at all, I’ve played it in the dark with a 17 inch screen and 5.1 sound not one part made me jump. I really don’t think the game play is that great its really the little things that matter such as no bullet marks and the vaporise deaths, which gives the awesome rag doll effects no use at all.

Sound - medium
Review - yeah not bad this one, but I just don’t think there is enough 'umph' to the weapons i like my guns to sound really powerful needs to be a little more realistic so that when u get shot you really notice it.

Fear Factor - low
Review - quake 3 made me jump more, face it this is not as its been said to be, not one part I do not lie, not one single part made me jump in this game whilst playing in the dark with 5.1.

Multiplayer - low
Review - 4 players..... Its not that great to be honest and the 4 levels are terrible, this game should have at least come with co-op.

Final Review :arrow:
Okay I’ve not mentioned a lot of factors and I have mostly been negative, but I think its what you want to hear, I’ve been waiting for this game for ages and I completed it within a day or so its not that special, yeah the graphics are really amazing but that’s all its got going for it.... everything else is average and nothing special. Frankly it looks like half-life is still one of the best games.

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Post by Wester547 » Fri Aug 13, 2004 22:48

Aaahh!!!! :(

I'm taking DOOM 3 so slow and haven't had all day to play it that I don't think I would like to submit a review until I've beaten the game...but here I go anyway if that's okay with you all?

Not gonna be the longest review ever lol. Hopefully it'll make it into the second opinions. Alright here I go....;)

My Doom3 Review


Well, as you might expect, it's a DOOM game, without doubt. But it's not the 90 mile hour running blow up everything you can fast paced throwing enemies at you at every second frag fest, oh nooo, it's quite different, not to spoil anything.

DOOM3 without doubt is a slow paced game, but it's not as slow as Splinter Cell, within less than a minute you'll know when an enemy spawns behind you.

Gameplay is very nicely done however, items like the PDA and integrated videos at immersion factor and realism into the game, and the PDA becomes quite handy.

But one of the things that DOOM 3 establishes better than any other game IMO is atmosphere.

It's those creepy moments during the game, where you are all alone in the dark, you know a monster is right around the corner or down the dark hall way ready to tear you apart, and all you can hear is your heart beating, as you take it soooo slowly.....

Bringing you right to the edge of your seat.

Then when you least expect it, everything goes red, you hear something spawn behind you, and a blood curling scream.........then it's up to your wits, courage, and combat skills to tell the outcome of the battle.

Then there's creepy moments where you hear those eerie whispers and god knows what happens's all so much anticipation to be found.

However there are a lot of realistic puzzles, remesences of H A L F - L I F E here and there.

Weapons and enemies are nicely balanced and won't disapoint you, that's all I can say to not spoil anything.

Otherwise it's another FPS god by id Software, but slower paced and driven by atmosphere.

Game-Play Rating: 8.8


I'm not going to spoil anything here. But DOOM 3's storyline is a decent one, there's a reasonable beginning, middle, ending, plot twists, etc all connected together as a fluid stream of dots in a sense. However, I was not as immersed as I was hoping to be storyline wise, so I can't say it's a strong area of the game.

Storyline rating: 5.0

Graphics: area where DOOM3 was hailed "Pixar Quality, Cinematic Quality, Film Quality" judging from the E3 ane QuakeCon presetentations.cts(a la the ...well look no further, because it's here and hungry.

There are moments in DOOM 3 graphics wise that are absolutely spectacular, where volumetric particle effeheat shimmer haze effect, dx9 gfx card only) are abound with very nice volumetric explosions, stencil volumes(for shadows) behave/diffuse perfectly all shadowing onto the environment and back upon itself in real-time(however shadows are sharp edged not soft due to soft shadows require twice the calculation processing power, something current PCs wouldn't handle without the frame-rate slowing to a crawl), and shadows are so realistic you can even see your own shadow. Real-time Per-pixel lighting is all interacting perfectly on the fly. Where floating point colour precision is dynamic, studio quality, not over done, and a sure treat to be recieved.

Ranging from 2000-6000 polygons, the models in DOOM 3 combined with the normal(for irregularities)/specular(for specularity, shine) mapped textures look absolutely glorious.

However DOOM 3 is without doubt a graphical feast of interior, but exterior wise it's still sporting bitmaps as backgrounds, yet some nice, complex, smoooth, high-polygon and cleverly placed terrain here and there.

The only thing that bothered me is that all the normal and specular mapped textures that are applied onto the original massive textures lower the resolution a bit too slow, so sure you'll find a more rough, 3D, and shiny feel to the textures, but it doesn't look as sharp as I hoped.

Reflection wise DOOM 3 isn't neccessarily bad, mirrors reflect everything in real-time (ala a 2D cube map), without such a hefty performance hit, however you will find static cubemaps on a lot of textures(AKA semi-reflections) which isn't so impressive.

There are many rendering paths: ARB(beta, for Radeon 7xxx series I believe) ARB2(for R300's and above), R200(For Radeon 8500-9000 series) NV10(for GeForce 4 MXs), NV20(For GeForce 3/TIs/GeForce 4 TIs), CG(for NV30/NV40), and that's about it AFAIK.

Each rendering path brings in general the same kind of look and feel to the game, but with drawbacks such as loss of certain eye candy and precision. However, all of them are impressive considering the wide range of graphics hardware they are compatible with.

All in all, DOOM 3 utilizes the OpenGL API combined with high-end generation renderering technology to bring you graphics heaven.

Graphics rating: 9.0


This is an area where DOOM 3 is fantastic and fun to mess around with, DOOM 3's per-polygon detection system removes hitboxes from the skeletal model so it's much more realistic in combat.

That combined with full ragdoll physics model support completely based on the laws of friction, mass, bouyancy, and gravity.

However this ragdoll model is not automatically placed in every area of the game as DOOM 3 is not a physics simulation, but in general DOOM 3's physics engine is one like no other and completely original.

Physics rating: 9.5


Well with zombies abound, A.I is not a very strong area in DOOM 3, nor is it supposed to be. However the demons's pathfinding scripts and general A.I scripts are nicely written so A.I is by no doubt a faulty area of DOOM 3.

A.I rating: 8.1


This is where everyone was worried of - the question - "Will DOOM3 run on MY system?"

Any modern one within a wide range.

With a 1.5 GHz CPU, 384MB of RAM, and a 64MB GeForce 4 MX, expect to play DOOM 3 at 640x480 w/no FSAA, some advanced options enabled and low detail mode at a good frame-rate overall.

However with a better computer DOOM 3 will be a great experience.

On my machine (2.2 GHz Pentium 4, 512MB of RDRAM, 128MB DDR ATi Radeon 9500 Pro) DOOM 3 runs pretty smooth in general @ 1024x768 w/no FSAA, all advanced options enabled(except v-sync) in medium detail mode, however does get a bit choppy in multiplayer intense battles and in some intense SP firefights.


Yes, DOOM 3 is capped at 60FPS. If there is no difference between 60FPS and above, why cap it there you say?

When running above 60FPS, you are able to perform faster jumps and certain player tic movements that are in an obvious sense a cheat, so DOOM 3 is capped at 60FPS, it's an engine built in, and totally fair IMHO.

In general, DOOM 3 is well optimized, and will not disapoint you performance wise.

Loading times aren't super fast, but are not surprisingly long.

Multiplayer network optimization could have been better(less data packet loss, lower pings), but is good considering how much data must be transmitted with this new, revolutionary engine.

Performance rating: 8.8


DOOM 3's multiplayer is unfortunately capped at 4 players max, but there are reasons for that.

1) More than 4 players would kill the tension and 2) More than 4 players would kill performance.

It would be nicer of multiplayer had a more variety of game types, player selection etc, but hey, it's DOOM, and it's a step up from Quake 3 Arena multiplayer.

Multiplayer rating: 7.4.


Well as I haven't messed with the editor really yet, I couldn't rate it, but it would be nice if it was a heavily modified version of the GTK Radiant Editor instead of the QE Radiant Editor.

Editor rating: 6.2


Audio wise, DOOM 3 is very nice, with full surround sound support so you can literally hear everything around you complete in high fidelity with ambient music, and like in the original DOOM sounds of monsters around the corner can freak you out, however is unfortunate not to include support for 3D hardware audio sound shader acceleration renderers like EAX, which would truly add to the immersion factor.

However, DOOM 3 does a good job of calculating all sound mixing and shading calculations in the CPU/software, and you can see how much hard work went into things such as voice syncing etc.

Audio rating: 8.5

Fear Factor:

Extremely well established in places, and non-extistant in others. But by no means disapointing.

Fear Factor Rating: 9.4

Fun Factor:

DOOM 3 might be scary, laggy, and suffer choppy frame-rates at times, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. It's not only the engine technology that makes it fun, but it's the fact that DOOM 3 is here in a modern style sense with some hefty extra features and etc IMO that makes DOOM 3 fun.

Fun Factor Rating: 8.9

Final words:

Love it or hate it, it's DOOM! It'll be virtually played by every DOOM fan! And very worthy of the DOOM series IMO, it's here so get used to it. 4 years of overhype and grand anticipation centered around one game could certainly result in disapointement, and I'd have to say that there was too much hype centered around DOOM3, but it is not a game that sucks. It's totally lived up to my expectations and the hype IMHO. It's game by the legendary FPS gods of id Software, and DOOM3 now is only the beginning. Once all kinds of mods, patches, enhancements, and games based on the DOOM 3 engine are upon us, you'll realize that the age of THE NEW DOOM is here. And it'll be here for the next several years until another game as revolutionary or more is in our hands. So DOOM 3 has pushed the bar, let's see the next game obliterate it.

Well done, id Software, very well done indeed.

Final rating: 9.1.
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Post by Spineless-mush » Fri Aug 13, 2004 23:57

Holy shit dude! :shock:
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