Breath of the Wild

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Breath of the Wild

Post by Saladin » Fri Mar 03, 2017 17:50

So I picked up the switch and Zelda yesterday, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

BotW may just be the best Zelda ever made, and easily their riskiest entry yet mechanics wise. It's no hands-holding, true open world survival. It has more in common with Dark Souls than it does older entries in the series. There's a massive emphasis on creative problem solving, rather than x-item opens y-door "puzzles." And there's usually multiple smart solutions.

And the survival elements are really well done. No steam shovelware bullshit with "hunger meters." An example, you have somewhere you need to go, but there's a cold mountain in your way. Cold slowly damages you, and will quickly kill you if you're not prepared. You could wear warmer clothes, but they're rare, and the game will not tell you wear to find them or how to make them. You could bring enough healing supplies to supplement the damage, but that's inefficient. You could cook a stew using hot peppers that helps you resist it, but the game will not tell you how. Or, you could bring a source of fire with you, like a lit torch. But you have to keep it equipped, and one mistake and it goes out.

There's total freedom, you're stopped only by your character's physical limitations and your own lack of creativity. It's brilliant. It's like what Skyrim *wishes* it was. The game design is immaculate.

It really feels like Nintendo watched that egoraptor video and took its criticisms to heart. They've really reinvented themselves here, both with the game and this console.

I'm loving the switch too. Awkward controls and a bit flimsy, but it's a great console. It's like an actually portable Wii U.
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Re: Breath of the Wild

Post by kob » Fri Mar 03, 2017 19:16

haha i've never even played a Zelda game honestly. they never really interested me, but BotW looks really good. i just can't justify the price of a new console for that game alone. once the Switch's lineup expands and i have more free income i'll pick it up. until then i'm gonna keep watching streams and wishing i could justify the price!

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Re: Breath of the Wild

Post by burnfire88 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 04:57

Yeah I watched a guy streaming it last night (iateyourpie) and it looks sooooo sick. Him finding out the cooking shit to get into the cold area was so awesome man. And the other physics based 'puzzles' were so cool too. I want to get a Switch but I'm like Mike, it's just not my priority right now. I'm thinking maybe around the holidays I'll pick one up, Mario and Spla2oon should be out by then right? I want a new Animal Crossing too...
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Re: Breath of the Wild

Post by Quack » Sat Mar 04, 2017 20:03

I will definitely get this and the switch when ANIMAL CROSSING more games come out. Thanks for the review Saladin, got me hype

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