this forum is turning into a pile of shit

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Re: this forum is turning into a pile of shit

Post by Mr. Smith » Wed Sep 10, 2008 01:06

OB_rocks13 wrote:
Ransom wrote:smith you seem to have trouble distinguishing between warnings and straight-up bans

in most cases bans are a consequence of being infracted, not a direct punishment for whatever they got warned for. what OB did didn't deserve a week's ban on its own, but he'd worked up five warnings by that point so there was no other option.

but yeah i've already warned sam settle down.
Smith, thanks for defending me but what Ransom is saying here actually makes sense. Just becuase he like weird things on his pizza doesn't make him a bad moderator.

also lold at sam being warned for saying penis
No, it's the fact that he whores himself out to VoN that makes him a bad mod.
OBrocks wrote:i need to know if ill actually be getting a penis pump in the mail so i can prepare an explanation for my parents
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Re: this forum is turning into a pile of shit

Post by itsmedan » Wed Sep 10, 2008 20:18

Ransom wrote:smith this place is a backwater how anyone would develop a god complex because of it is beyond me

Hmm. But does anyone else feel the same way? If you've ever wanted me to relinquish my moderatorship, now is your chance.

nah, now that youve changed your avatar i actually enjoy your posts a little more.
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