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[REL]MrMuhs Marcos Morrowind

Post by RPG-BlackDragon » Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:01

MrMuhs Macros Morrowind

...You are sneaking a dark floor along, your nerves strained, prepared to whatever jumps behind that corner. You feel completely safe with your chameleon-ring and the stealthy stealth-shoes. OUCH! Damn, someone hit you straight in your neck. Luckily, you have your Macro. Activated, and the rogue stands in front of a feared killermachine, wearing a full glass-armor and swinging a daedric waraxe.

Macros allow you to change your equipment in one moment. So you do not need to select every item particular, which you want to equip. There are 3 Macros, with each you can define a individual set of items, which are automatically equipped when the Macro gets activated.
The usage of Macros is described more in detail in the readme.

Macros are also available for Oblivion!

This mod needs MWSE v0.92 or higher! (MGE-users can use its internal MWSE-Version)

Download @ OblivionModGods

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