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Re: Gamercast of Thrones

Post by Saladin » Thu Aug 31, 2017 04:59

It's sort of schlock now, but it's definitely very entertaining so I like watching it. It's probably past "forgivable" at this point, but I wouldn't call it bad but any means.

But, like you said, it feels very anti climactic. I wouldn't call the show predictable at this point, but not much of it feels shocking like it did in earlier seasons, I agree.

As for the Night King, it's pretty clear he has similar powers to Bran, and so probably lured Jon into a trap in order to get a chance at the dragon. They've been waiting for thousands of years, after all, what's a plot like that to them?

I'd heard a fan theory that they could have frozen the sea and just walked around the wall, since they have some power over winter, and they just waited for the longest one in record to start their massacre. Although the ending of the episode made it pretty clear that wasn't necessary.

The Walkers are actually the most interesting part of the canon. It's fun that they're mysterious but I wish more of their lore was in the show.

Also, I agree kob. I actually did think either Jamie or Tyrion could have died. Seems like, in the end, Cersei didn't want to be alone.

Cleganebowl could and should still happen. Although I can't imagine how he'd win, or why they'd even fight. They seemed to allude to it though in their meeting.
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Re: Gamercast of Thrones

Post by youdiedtooeasily » Thu Aug 31, 2017 08:06

Totally agree on the bit about the Walkers. Even in the opening scene of the series you're like "OH SHIT! WHAT ARE THESE GUYS ALL ABOUT!?" and then... meh. They will obviously be a big part of the finale but some more lore would be nice instead of the Dorne subplot being added in two seasons too late as an example from the book adaptation.

I like the frozen lake theory there actually, that makes sense. The dragon bait thing just felt so forced to me but it meant for a cool shot at the end I guess. That's also why the seasons got cut so short, so they have the budget to have scenes of dragons belching fire. idk if it was worth in season 7 to be brutally honest.

The meaning behind Cleganebowl is so far gone but it would still be cool to see. They bring up the rivalry so many damn times, but yeah, contextually, doesn't make any sense at this point. I could see it as the Hound and Arya go on another adventure and Robert Strong gets in the way somehow and there's a clash. Maybe Hound takes one for the team so Arya can get away or something like a mimicking of when he fought Brienne or some shit.

I might type out a theory of how the show will end and post it since I find it more fun than watching it these days, but hey, cool that y'all still enjoy it, I won't shit on your parade there.

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Re: Gamercast of Thrones

Post by kob » Thu Aug 31, 2017 18:27

that's how i feel about the show saladin. it's still a solid show but when you have the first 4 seasons to compare it to, and even 5 & 6 to a lesser extent, it sticks out like a sore thumb. if the show had started out like this i probably wouldn't watch it but we've all got 7 seasons invested and book readers have been waiting like 2 decades. the end being nigh to one of the most popular fantasy stories of all time is driving the show at this point for me because the dialogue, characters and political intrigue (what i loved most about the show) has taken a dive in quality or is nonexistent at this point.

the only thing i truly hated this season was the Jon & Dany romance. i might've enjoyed it more had it been fleshed out over multiple seasons, but it was way too rushed to come across as anything other than lame fanfiction.

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Re: Gamercast of Thrones

Post by Mr. Smith » Sat Sep 02, 2017 03:58

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