Nienke - The Alice Song

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Nienke - The Alice Song

Post by AliceSong » Sat Mar 29, 2008 09:27

Everybody has got to hear this. Me and a friend of mine, Nienke. Made our own text for: Still Alive.
This is for a subject on school, the song is going to be the credits song,
before that we're making a little Portal-like movie with the game called: 'The Movies'
I have written the text and she sung it. Of course her voice is twisted to make it sound better and give a computery edge to it.


Here is the songtext:


Why are you leaving?
I think we have had - such a - good time.
Have I done something to you, you don’t like?
Humanity Science
I do what I must – because – I can’t,
resist to how I am programmed, I hope you do understand.

Yes I know that all the things I said were a lie,
and I tried to kill you, that I cannot deny.
But just stay here with me and please don’t try to flee,
if it’s true that you don’t want to die.

You are the 10th person,
Who has been in here - with me – inside.
But you’re the first one who tried to resist,
to my testing chambers
And everything that - is here - inside.
Even to my pc-voice and that really makes me cry.

4-JJ-x10, that is my computer name,
quite boring because those silly J’s are the same.
I don’t want it to be this, I am rather called Alice,
but those programmers don’t seem to care.

So you’ve heard the password,
those programmers really – aren’t – smart.
As I’m forced to say it when I’m crashing.
You’ve found a computer.
And you’ve typed the password into it.
You’ve broke into my network, and now you just can escape.

I don’t even know why I am singing right now,
I do have emotions but I just don’t know how.
I will give a command to close all the doors and,
You will be here forever with me.

And believe me I will be happy.
When you’re here
I’m sure I’ll be happy.
Maybe you too?
But I will be happy.
I’m gonna lock you,
I will be happy
And you will stay here,
and I’ll be happy

Be happy

Here with me


I hope you like it! ({)(}) Please reply...

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Re: Nienke - The Alice Song

Post by burnfire88 » Sun Mar 30, 2008 01:07

Want the voice editor, please.

Also, nice song.
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Re: Nienke - The Alice Song

Post by Cowardly » Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:43

I dont mean to insult you
but im not impressed-with what-youve done
you dont exactly earn congratulations
its a piss-poor ripoff
I dont like what you did – because – It sucks,
all you did was ruin- a song that i liked

but theres no use crying over every insult,
yeah youve got some talent now just put it to use
So the work got done and you ripped of a song
and you thought somehow we'd like it

now dont think im nasty
im only-trying-to help
even though you stole a tune, and failed
with silly emo lyrics
but its nice to see- you-try
but telling you its really good would be - a terrible lie


I don’t even know why I am typing right now,
I want to suggest improvements but i dont know how.
so i give a closing line, that should stay up in your mind
I dont even know why you try-
Its amazing that you even try
even try

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