New music for Gamercast

Strangely, other Gamercast stuff goes in here.
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Post by One man army » Thu Dec 21, 2006 08:27

Hayden100 wrote:
iamthelordhitman wrote:
Catherine wrote: Stop fucking posting as me! :evil:.
Did u tell anyone your password? or what cause having a person running around as a mod that isnt actually a mod is kinda scary.
Your facing the wrong way in your avvy, you need to face east (or right) but still, ive just seen them consecutivly and i laughed :lol:

EDIT: also pauls is like TWICE the size of yours and rounder... get two!! :P
And make the pic brighter.
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Post by Jupz » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:15

Wow... gamercast is actually pretty good. From VoN I learnt more stuff about the burning crusade, plus its cool to hear everyones different accents.

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