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Strangely, other Gamercast stuff goes in here.
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Post by Darth Urra » Sun Apr 01, 2007 19:00

jet andre: "reinact the crucifixction of jesus with the ipod being jesus." my ipod idea

make a mini film

youdiedtooeasily: they need their prozac

jet andre: damn straight were having a ball

Darth Urra': do it!


oh dude good Ipod youtube vid

dude it can do history

Ipod Hitler

Ipod Kutaragi

jet andre: ^_^

Darth Urra': Ipod Neil Armstong

jet andre: ipod does the fail of sony

Darth Urra': Ipod Pope

Ipod etc

dude lets do that

jet andre: lol

Darth Urra': awesome idea Jet

youdiedtooeasily: Is Ipod the new Ceiling Cat?

Darth Urra': lol

jet andre: lol

Darth Urra': Ipod Titantic

Ipod U-bot

jet andre: lmao

Darth Urra': boat

jet andre: ipod does films

Darth Urra': Ipod Star Wars...

Ipod Transformers

jet andre: ipod bruce almighty

ipod alien



jet andre: o_O


Darth Urra': Adam this is it

jet andre: open it up and change it lol

Darth Urra': the IPOD spoof Film series

jet andre: lol

Ipod the matrix

Darth Urra': Ipod Gamercast!

jet andre: get the ipod video and have the screen with the ipod screen saver

Darth Urra': ipods with the gamercast t-shirt and paul and adma talking

jet andre: lol

Ipod barbie

dress it up

Darth Urra': Ipod GTA

jet andre: "life in platic with a metal back its fantastic"

Darth Urra': Ipod listening to an Ipod

youdiedtooeasily: Barbies are tools to influnene young girls to take off their clothes and persue a career in... entertainemnt.

jet andre: infomation overload lol

Darth Urra': Gamercast Commercial; an Ipod listening to an Ipod with GC on it and playing a 360

jet andre: nice on YDTE

its true

Darth Urra': is Cat here?

i havent seen a word from her

jet andre: this episode is a revolution!

There's the Ipod

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Post by youdiedtooeasily » Sun Apr 01, 2007 19:04

ROFL. Yah that is another ingenious idea.

That whole chat was great as well. Well off to work to go suck away on the corporate tit. :roll:

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