[REL]Physical Throwable Harvest Container

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[REL]Physical Throwable Harvest Container

Post by RPG-BlackDragon » Sat Sep 08, 2007 13:11

MrMuhs & RPG-BlackDragons Physical Throwable Harvest Container

Because a number of inquiries for moveable Harvest Container Objects we have made this mod which has lesser time used as our Readme.
At first, we want to thank the harvest-mod-team whose mod we were allowed to change like it was to read in the Readme.

What is at issue?

In the original Harvest Container Mod, were animations played befor opening them, so that for example a door of a cupboard is opening. Until now this objects were static. We have changed all of the objects so that the animations and collisions are working without problems.

How would it be installed and what have you installed?

This Mod would be installed like the original Harvest Containers Mod. How you must install it and so on can you read in the original readme which is contains in the Download.

More infos about using and miscellaneous can you read in the readme.

Bugs could be happen or not. It can sometimes happen that animations distort on objects. Unfortunately the colllisions of the animated object parts aren't working with the ground.

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Image Image

Physical Throwable Harvest Containers Videos



Download from OblivionModGods.de

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