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Re: Nifskope help

Post by mongoose_01 » Wed Feb 13, 2008 20:36

azeklor wrote:
Saladin wrote:What was wrong with it?
It was because nifskope didn`t locate the textures by it self it showed up white.
OB_rocks13 wrote:
azeklor wrote:It dosen`t matters any more, I figured it out 8)

this ` is not an apostrophe

this ' is
You really don`t have a life if your just on this forum to complain about others apostrophes.
others' apostrophes.
Gordon Frohman wrote:
KnightofBane wrote:My Computer >> Local Disk C then Windows, system32 etc
Went there and deleted the whole Windows folder and I still get that message. Fucking bullshit.
itsmedan wrote:well you should, all i am trying to say that its ok if you're poor, as long as you are AMERICAN ;x

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