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[REL]RPG-BlackDragons Skeleton-Resource

Post by RPG-BlackDragon » Fri Jul 18, 2008 14:24

RPG-BlackDragons Skeleton-Resource

This modification contains the newest changed skeleton.nif of alexscorpion who has modified it of Seph. Additional I have add the wing-bones of Chingari and Ismeldas Demon Race which uses also ROO.

This skeleton.nif is a template and standard for all modders, so it wouldn't happen that mods are incompatible because they use both another changed skeleton.nif. All bones shouldn't have doubles because then the animation or weightpainting isn't working. With every new skeleton.nif it will caues problems by other mods because bones doesn't exist in the other mods or have not similar names.

Therefore all modders should use this skeleton.nif as template. If you need absolute new bones which are left in this mod then use unique names and please write me an email so I can update this resource for the other modders. I don't belive that it is necessary because Growlf has created animated hairs with the original bones.

Moreover this mod is also interesting for gamers which use the wings or a mod not for young people of alexscorpion and the Demon Race or ROO.


Image Image


Wings of the Demon-Race:

Thanks to Keter Sephiroth and alexscorpion for the new skeleton.nif, Chingari and Ismelda for the Demon-Race and Growlf for his help and his tips by this mod.

Download from OblivionModGods

Moreover you can now visit our English Portal under http://oblivionmodgods.com

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