[REL]RPG-BlackDragons ATI3.0Shader 1.2

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[REL]RPG-BlackDragons ATI3.0Shader 1.2

Post by RPG-BlackDragon » Sun Oct 26, 2008 15:04

RPG-BlackDragons ATI3.0Shader 1.2

In this version I have fixed the failure by HDR with the stripes and that hairs are blinded out in interiors by more as two light-sources! This Mod works only with graphiccards which have 3.0Shader and gives you 5 until 10 % more FPS!
In the Oblivion-folder are 19 different Shaderpackages. Depending on the graphiccard it will use another. You can replace your own with the Shaderpackage19, the reason of this is that your graphiccard uses 3.0 Shader! I have in this MOD patched the failure that with the Shaderpackage19 the dynamic HDR is cancelled!
Cleartext, you can use the Shaderpackage19, you must not resign of the dynamic HDR and you have more FPS!

This mod works only with 3.0 graphic-cards! If you have not the problem that you have with Shaderpackages19 no dynamic HDR then you doesn't need this mod!

Download ATI3.0Shader 1.2

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