[REL]RPG-BlackDragons Halloween-Pumpkin-Resource

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[REL]RPG-BlackDragons Halloween-Pumpkin-Resource

Post by RPG-BlackDragon » Sun Nov 02, 2008 18:14

RPG-BlackDragons Halloween-Pumpkin-Resource

A little bit late but better today as never. I have made this afternoon this mod-resource because I get this idea and I thought some people would like it. This modding-resource contains a halloween-pumpkin, which is full working. This means he has havok with a collision and the pumpkin is swimming.

Image Image Image

Download from OblivionModGods

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Re: [REL]RPG-BlackDragons Halloween-Pumpkin-Resource

Post by azeklor » Tue Nov 04, 2008 19:43

Nice work mate

Yo mama so ugly, even MacGyver cant fix her.

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