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Re: Why?

Post by YeaIownStreetBums09 » Tue Jul 17, 2007 05:19

Darth Urra' wrote:
Gordon Frohman wrote:
YeaIownStreetBums09 wrote:
Its funny your calling me a Dumbass Frohman, look at Urras sig, you fucking idiot. Also like he said, Who in the hell would say "Xbot" only fags like you would. Dont speak to me, your to stupid and you call people xbot.

Once again.


Just stop talking. You make yourself look like a idiot every time you reply to this topic.
I wasn't even being serious you dipshit, it's called a JOKE. You're obviously too stupid to comprehend that though, as you can't even spell 'you're' correctly. Go back to school, retard. I guess you'll call everyone else (which is alot) dumb for using the term 'xbot', too. You're pathetic.
Dont even try to pull that shit Gordon; you defended saying those dumb nicknames like it was to the death. You were not joking. You were trying to sound cool and you failed, so you put it off like it was all in good fun, when you know good and well you hoped no one would understand it.
It's sad you act like you do.
Pick a state of mind and stay with it.

and yeaiownstreetbums09, calm down. No need to get that hostile.
Sorry, I just don't handle idiots well.


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