Brag!What gear does your charater have?

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Re: Brag!What gear does your charater have?

Post by OBrocks » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:42

I have to start playing Oblivion again...

And YDTE, I think there are mods for colored glass armor, so you could get red. Unless you play on 360, then nevermind.
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Re: Brag!What gear does your charater have?

Post by youdiedtooeasily » Thu Aug 02, 2007 20:45

Yeah they had a red Glass Armor mod for Morrowind so I'm sure the same team has produced, or is in process of, the creation of red glass armor.

My Wood Elf still kicks ass and all I'm wearing is the Black Hand robes/shroud/ring/ammy and another ring that gives me 20 spell absorbtion. I'm level 28 but with al the skill bonuses I have 120 Sneak and 120 Marksman, so basically I can pick off most enemies without them ever seeing me.

The tough part is trying to start the main quest at 28. Fuckin Kvatch is impossible haha, I walk in the gate and there's 3 Storm Elementals and a Spider Dremora chillin there waiting for me.

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Re: Brag!What gear does your charater have?

Post by robinhood » Thu Aug 28, 2008 21:39


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Re: Brag!What gear does your charater have?

Post by Nefneir » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:10

That's an awkward combo......but anywho, my khajiit has GS (male) armour, sword, and shield. Not gonna list all the enchanted shit cause I have too many. My Imperial Ranger has leather armour with fur gauntlets, once I hit the right lvl I'm gonna get elven armour with boots of bloody bounding and a Mythic Dawn hood, and to add a elven short sword, and I don't know what bow( any suggestions would be nice).
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Re: Brag!What gear does your charater have?

Post by 10100-1100 » Mon Apr 20, 2009 01:25

Well, right now I am a level 14 Vampiric Dunmer, and I have hotkeyed (clockwise from 12) Heal Major Wounds, Sufferthorn (an Elven dagger with Drain Strength 5 pts on stirke, and Damage Health 10 pts on strike), Dagger of the Dynamo (a Glass dagger w/ Shock 5pts on strike), Water Breathing, Defend, Hunter's Sight (a by-product of Vampirism), a Glass Longsword, and Bow of Flames (Dwarven[?] Bow w/ Fire Damage 15 pts on strike; I interchange this with a Glass Bow).

For armor I have two sets that I regularly use: an "Adventuring" set, and a "Stealth" set. The adventuring set is an entire set of Mythril armor (sans the gantlets, I use chainmail gauntlets...Can't find Mythril.), but when the need arises I use Boots of the Unburdened (Feather 45 pts on self). The Stealth set is the Shrouded Hood and Shrouded Armor. I use a Elven shied with both sets of armor.

Other accessories I use: Base Ring of Fire Shield (Fire Shield 7% on self; REALLY helps fix that weakness to fire us Vampires have, in addition to the Dunmer's natural resistance.), Black Band (Fortify Light Armor 3 pts on self, " Security " " " ", Resist Magic 3% " "), Cruelty's Heart (Fortify Willpower 3 pts on self, " Strength " " " "), Base Necklace of the Sea (Water Breathing on self; although I prefer to use magic to enhance my Alteration skill, this does in a pinch), and Necklace of Seawalking (Water Walking on self; It's fun to see, and I don't have that spell yet)

I REALLY want a Glass Claymore though...If anyone can tell me where to find one I'd really appreciate it. =)

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