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Post by youdiedtooeasily » Mon Oct 20, 2014 04:53

tfw I reconciled with my ex and am happy about the situation. damn, I still love the girl, to be brutally honest, but idk if we'll ever be a couple. best friends is fine by me though. we'll see what happens. she's the first ex I've had that I still am in contact with so it's weird but also kinda cool for me.

yeah, we haven't spoke in about four months. I sent her a fb message out of the blue since it was her b-day a few days ago and I remembered. apparently I was one of the few that did and she was bawling crying that I did remember and offered to talk again, I did. it was nice, we picked up right where we left off in a sense. we both get each other so perfectly, I miss that. we can talk about anything for hours and hours and it never gets boring. we both feed off each other so well, it's crazy.

we met up and went fishing the other day and had a blast, haven't been that happy in a while. she is with a new guy now, who I know of and is a total fucking douche, but I can sense it just in her face she isn't happy about the situation. we're pals again so I like that, since that's how it started, but yeah. I had to constrain some of those feels not to make it awkward.

in the scope of things I really think she is the only one for me but I won't get butthurt if she isn't in the grand scheme, I kinda gave up on looking for someone else and haven't been with anyone else since her. it's weird, I just can't do it with a total stranger anymore. us being best friends isn't a bad hand dealt either though. life is strange I tell ya.

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