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Portal Forums Story Thread

Post by Cowardly » Wed Aug 20, 2008 21:02

Okay guys. Its like the one word thread, but you can post as much as you want (keep it short though) and make sure it follows on to the previous.

No cocks, Racism, memes or Spelling/grammar Nazis.

The Sand and Wind billowed through the old battered wooden buildings. The small village was completely dark, save for one large building. This building was lit up and was the sound of much commotion. This building was the Inn, the centre for any village.

Inside, there sat four men around a large wooden table, and each held three cards each, and each watched each other. None dared blink.

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Re: Portal Forums Story Thread

Post by mongoose_01 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 21:10


"Fold." A man with a grizzled, unshaven face opened his palm and lay his cards down on the table. He took off his wide-brimmed hat and ran one hand through his greased black hair. The other three men glanced around the table at eachother. One, a round man wearing an apron, sighed.

"I'm out too, fellas," he said, rising to his feet,"and really I should go check on the other customers." He squirmed between the black-haired man's chair and the wall, and strode towards the bar. He took up a dirty glass, began wiping it with a cloth absent-mindedly, and greeted the two new customers arriving in the inn. "What can I do for you, sirs?"
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Re: Portal Forums Story Thread

Post by Ransom » Thu Aug 21, 2008 07:13

One of them - a tall man, stubbled - seemed startled by the question. He glanced over at his friend, who gave him a sharp look and approached the bar. The tall man watched from the entrance, wringing his hands and frowning at the other patrons.

The newcomer took a stool and smiled. It wasn't friendly. The barkeep kept wiping the glass, though it was plenty clean by now.

'That's a fine coat,' he said. The newcomer showed no indication that he'd heard him.

Some of the patrons were starting to take notice of the tall man. His nervousness seemed to suck their gazes toward him. There was something strange about him, no doubt about it - the barkeep couldn't place it, but it wasn't pleasing.

Neither did he like the way the man in the coat was watching him. Eyes narrowed, still smiling. 'Something you need, sir?' he said, a little louder.

'Surely.' The man in the coat leaned forward, hands clasped. 'You, ah - you Reymond?'

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Re: Portal Forums Story Thread

Post by Cowardly » Fri Aug 22, 2008 16:23

The Barkeep dropped the newly cleaned glass and backed away from the mysterious stranger, the shorter of the two.

"How did you? No- I am not him, the Barkeep stammered "He uhh, he lives on a farm just out of town, what you be needing with him then?"

The smaller stranger pulled his hat down and muttered a word of thanks before turning to his partner. They nodded at each other.

"Woah, woah, wait now," the barkeep said "What you be wanting with Raymond?"

"It doesn't concern you, Barkeep" the man responded, and he continued to move toward the exit. Several of the men in the bar stood up and looked nervous, The barkeep looked around several times before bravely ducking and hiding down behind the bar.

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Re: Portal Forums Story Thread

Post by Slawter » Tue Aug 26, 2008 01:02

The two men starting headed to the farm the barkeeper had told them about

" We've found him" the taller man said adjusting his hat

" Don't get excited this might not be the first time someone has lied about is where-abouts"

" If they did I'll burn that damn village to the ground, I am getting sick of this"

The two men started up a hill and saw that the house that belong to the man know as Raymond. The two men approach the house and knock on the door. The door creaked open and there stood a tall lanky man with short brown hair. When he saw the two men all the color drained from his face and all he said was

"Dear God not tonight"
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