So yeah....

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So yeah....

Post by Mr. Smith » Tue Oct 12, 2010 22:46

First off, I work for this old relative of mine. He's a professor. He's a genius but he's crazy as all hell. He has to be the most senile person on the planet. Sometimes I think he thinks he's Dr. fucking Frankenstein or something. Worst part of it all is he's always on my ass about how stupid I am.
My best friend works with me but he's a selfish jerk. He stole my wallet for like the 5th time today. Showed up to work with a beer in his hand again too. The boss doesn't ever get on his ass for drinking at work. Claims he needs it to function or something.
Our Rastafarian, " bureaucrat " account was locked in his office all day. Probably smoking weed all day. Then he has the nerve to lecture me about the poor job I've been doing. His wife is probably cheating on him with her ex husband so I can't blame him for being a little pissed off I guess.
Then, we have this stuck up, rich intern bitch. She's so narcassitic. Always going on about how cute she is. She is pretty cute, I'll give her that, and making out with her was fun while it lasted. Still though, she acts like her parents own half the damn world and she can do whatever she wants because of that. Like a little Asian Paris Hilton.
The only highlight of my day is this babe I work with. She has this issue with her eye but she's still fuckin' hot. She might be lesbian though. She wears these combat boots and is always kicking someone's ass. Still, I wish she'd just accept my love. It's like no matter what I do I can't ever make her happy. How many times can you reject someone? I mean, come on!
Oh, and my parents, ex girlfriend, and my older brother are all dead.
The only thing that makes me not off myself is someone else I work with. He's this pennyless doctor who's a lobster from outerspace. Everyone hates him. He has small claws.
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Re: So yeah....

Post by Quack » Wed Oct 13, 2010 02:00

poor lobster

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