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Post by Wester547 » Sun Mar 13, 2005 23:28

Demon Damo wrote:i dont type like that in messanger either. and i dont think i even type as bad as wat u were doing there. i change what to wat coz it shorter and easier to type. more proof aussies are lazy, tho not really coz everyone dus it cept people who refuse to because sum of sum bad childhood where they were beatenand stapled to walls wy there parents :shock: if u dont wanna take me seriously then dont. have fun with that. and swearing is becoming a way of life, and so is talk bout sex. better to open the kids up to them now before they get to old and when there friends realise they got no idea wat everyones talking bout, get beaten up and bullied for rest of life :shock: neways that had no relevence to anything.

P.S i rok. and am going away. see yas all on friday
Wow, it apparently appears that the fellow above does not understand sarcasm.

Yeah, I was being sarcastic, in my AOLer impersonation post, mind you.


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