Major site move

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Major site move

Post by Paul » Mon Jul 19, 2004 12:59

Hey guys well it happened.

The very kind dudes over at are now hosting the site. All the forums are still on my server hence the change of address.

Some of you may still be accessing the old site it could well take 24 hours or so for the DNS records to update.

Let me know what it's like speed wise now and more importantly if you get any errors. I'm sure I've broken 1000 of things in the move (their server not outputting in UTF-8 is one of them, and being Linux so I have to CHMOD everything, man those were the days). Having to get used to FTPing files everywhere now, it's only about 20 times slower then doing it locally lol. Any new comments made on news pages on the old server from now will get wiped when the new one comes into effect if you can't already get it.

If you're desperate to be able to post a news comment and you're not sure which server (ping to if it resolves as you're on the old one) you could manually edit your hosts file (Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts) to get you on the new one.

Add the line

That will force your machine to point to the new server even if you're own DNS hasn't updated yet.

The reason the forums are staying put is because they're so badly hacked to peices where I shared the database that moving them would probably cause them to blow up or something, it would at the least wipe out the HL and PES forums if I did move. Besides when I get the new forum system in place, hopefully if you guys don't mind I'll move the HL, PES, Quake boards all onto this single board, and then simply have sub-forums with their own seperate styles and templates (roll on phpBB2.2)

I'm waiting for the second Wester gets online and starts shouting at me cuz he can't access his beloved Half-Life site :wink:

Update: 16:21

Wester says:
Wester says:
Wester says:

Didn't I tell you?

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Post by Wester547 » Mon Jul 19, 2004 16:25


At least the site is ten times faster now.(at least for me).

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Post by Ransom » Wed Jul 21, 2004 08:27

Yeah, it's much faster. ph33r.


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